Melanotan 2- key things to know about it

Melanotan 2 is the prescribed medicine which is dubbed the Barbie drug, and it also creates a considerable stir in the tanning world. To their properties, the medicine is gaining so much popularity on the internet. There are so many suppliers from where you can get the medicine.

The online pharmacy will avail the medicine on their store that is looking for the sunless tan. There are some things which we are going to tell you in this post:-

About the medicine

The medicine is the substance which helps in stimulating the melanin production The color of the melanin is the dark brown or black pigment which is found in our skin naturally. This color is naturally produced when the sun is exposing the skin.

With the help of this medicine, your skin produces extra melanin for protecting your skin from the sun damage.

How does melantan 2 work?

The second thing is that which you should know that is how the medicine works. It stimulates which produces the melanin after getting the exposure from the sun. The medicine is especially for that person whose color is fair, but their skin is getting tan without spending much time in the sun.

With the help of the medicine, they are not getting the sunburn, but they are getting the tanning skin by spending less time in the sun.

How to use melanin 2?

It is the medicine which comes in the form of the dried powder. The powder of the medicine requires to be mixed with the water. After that, you can take the powder or can be injected into the skin. The medicine is naturally absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

Benefits of taking the medicine

When you take medicine then you should also know about their benefits. It gives you so many benefits if you take it with the doctor’s prescription. Due to the medicine, you will get the tan without spending much time in the sun. The users of the medicine also have flexibility; you can take the product until you don’t get the color which you want.

The medicine gives you a long lasting result, after stopping the product you will enjoy the tan.

Finally, these are some key things which are essential to know about the melanotan 2 for getting the tanning skin.

Know how to get beautiful tanned skin

Having a tanned skin might not be preferred in Asian and eastern countries as a fair skin guy or girl is known to be beautiful. But tanned skin is a mark of beauty and gorgeousness in western country. Therefore they adopt various methods to get a gorgeous tanned skin. Also, here we are going to tell you some methods of getting your skin tanned.

Sun bath – Sun bath is the most common method people adopt for tanning. Sun rays contains ultraviolet rays which when reacts with the natural dark pigment melanin gives a dark shade to the skin.

Using tanning products – Well there are lot of products available in the market that will help you get the skin of your desire. Among these product the tanning creams and lotions can be applied to the skin in addition sunbath to increase skin tanning. Apart from these lotions, there are some drugs available in the market which are totally legal and clinically tested. But also there are some drugs that are not legal but still, they are sold over the internet and through various illegal ways. Melanotan is one of the drugs that has been banned since 2003 because of its adverse effects that can last for weeks.

Skin treatment – Skin treatment is an easy process that can help you get a nice tanned skin provided you follow the prescribed cautions. There are many skin doctors present with whom you can fix an appointment for the treatment. But on the other hand they can cause a serious effect on your budget as well.

Some unworthy ways of getting tanned

As you have read about the drug melanotan above, the drug is not legal in many countries as it have a lot more adverse effects. Some of the adverse effect are, vomiting, wrinkled face, reduced appetite and sharing the needle can cause serious diseases like HIV and Cancer too.


Therefore our advice to people adopt the natural ways of tanning if possible. Using lotions and creams is justified because they are not health risky. Skin treatment and surgery is beneficial but still they have risk to some extent. The use of injections and drugs that are legally available in the market should be done under proper prescription and guidance.

Since the commercialization of melanotan has been ceased 2003, one must not get into fake offers and schemes that claims to contain melanotan 2. Also, there is no product that has been sold or marketed containing melanotan 2.


List of cure methods to sexual dysfunctionality

It’s been quite embracing to suffer from sexual dysfunctionality. Whether you are a man or a woman who would never think about yourself to suffer from this problem. People that are suffering from this issue sometimes often encounter embarrassment with their partner. But don’t worry we are here to help you out and we will never let yourself feeling down in front of your mate. So, here are some cure that you must opt to make yourself an ideal life partner.

Walking helps you correct you – Walking about 2-3 miles daily can bring significant changes. This cures the functionality of penis and its erectile position.

Needling yourself – Needling in conventional way of speaking resembles acupuncture. Acupuncture helps your cure the problem of everything like back pain, depression and headaches. There are many studies that have proven to correct erectile dysfunctionality among men. This method, according to a known survey had provided results to a great extent.

L-arginine amino acid – This is an amino acid which can be held responsible for successful erection which is also naturally present in our body. Taking high dosage of this acid can significantly improve sexual functionality.

Consume watermelon juice – Watermelon juice can be termed as natures Viagra. A study conducted in 2011 showed that the men that suffered from erectile dysfunctionality consumed watermelon juice and showed a significantly high results.

Reduce masturbation – Masturbation is a major causes for your erectile dysfunctionality. It results in drainage of energy and immunity power. This leads to improper erectile function and embracement.

Some not-so-worthy ways to cure the problem

Consuming drugs to fight out this problem is a common thing now. One of the drug name melanotan 2 is also used by people for better results. No doubt melanotan 2 will help you perform better but this drug has its several adverse effect that can’t be afforded. This drugs causes the side effects like facial flushing, vomiting, reduced appetite and much more. This affects the health and your personal life seriously.

Melanotan 2 stills stand illegal in various countries as it has not been properly tested and it is not certified for the use.

Coming to the conclusion we advise not to adopt short cut methods that may once help you out but will affect your life and relationship in a long term aspect. You should tend yourself towards natural ways if possible. Nature provides cure for almost of the diseases and these cures are available almost all around the world.

Is melanotan good or bad to use?

Melanotan 2 was in development as a drug for cure of female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. But the development was stopped in 2003. Since then the product containing melanotan were held back form the market. The commercial development had also ceased since then. But someone might wonder the reason of shutting melanotan’s market down. Therefore, below are the facts explaining why melanotan was found unworthy for the commercialization.

Our skin contains a natural dark pigment named melanin. Melanotan triggers the level of this hormone that causes tanning of our skin. Basically, There are two types of melanotan which are melanotan 1 and melanotan 2.

Melanotan was purposed to cure sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Also it was known for its feature of artificial skin tanning. But wait that was not the reason for shutting the development of melanotan 2. The one of the reason were its adverse effect that were caused to many people after its consumption. Among the scientist who were conduction research for the potential medicine, one of them tested the drug with the twice of the dose he was required to take and got straight 8 hours of erection. Also he was suffered with nausea and vomiting.

People in western countries are obsessed with tanning their skinning. This drug contain a pigment that absorbs the ultraviolet radiation of the sun that causes skin tanning. But unfortunately this had been a reason for skin cancer among most of the people by using this drug excessively. Along with the skin cancer the drug causes the feeling of bloating, kidney and liver pain.

The other reason of its illegality is that its has not been under a proper test process that are conducted on all medicine before they are commercialize among the common people like us. Also no one can expect what kind of side effects it will going to cause there is barely any evidence of test that clarifies its side effect.

Melatonin is complex to handle. If this drug is mixed melanotan with non-sterling water can cause serious blood infection and sharing the needle can cause diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

Our advice basis of reviews we have got to know by various people is that you should not use melanotan 2. It is being sold on various websites and through various illegal ways. But rather one should use fake tanning product as they contain DHA which causes tanning to some extent. But the fact is fake tanning product are not risk to health.


What are the side effects of taking melanotan 2?

Melantan and melanotan 2 is most popular, and it is dubbed by the Barbie drug and creates a wide stir in the tanning world. If you not heard about the medicine but the medicine has been in the circulation for little time now. Some of the people think that it enables to achieve a sunless tan which lowers the risk of the skin cancer by protection you from the ultraviolet rays.

As we know that UV rays are harmful to us, you will get the medicine from the internet because there are so many online pharmacy and salon users, from where you will get the medicine. The medicine increases the level of the pigmentation without exposing the UV rays.


When you take the doctor’s prescription of the medicine, then you should start with the dosage of the 0.25 mg. If you are not getting some serious side effects, then your doctor may increase the dosage of yours.

Side effects of using melanotan 2

  • Nausea

It is the first side effect of the medicine which you face in one week of taking medicine. Your doctor recommends the dosage from lower amount because he wants to know that your body adapts it or not.

They increase your dosage when your doctor knows that nausea is under control.

  • Fatigue

There are some people who are facing the fatigue after taking medicine. When they are taking the second dosage of the medicine, then they are feeling the tiredness that’s why doctor always recommends taking the lower dosage of the medicine.

When you are going to take sleep, then you must take medicine.

  • Aggressive

When a man is on the initial stage of the medicine, then some of them are facing more aggression as their side effects. It is the reason that to overcome from this side effect you should go to the gym and for a jog on a daily basis.

  • Vomiting

It is the most common side effects of taking melanotan 2 which you face, in this, you don’t need to worry about anything. Your body requires some time to adjust with the particular medicine. If you are facing it regularly, then you should contact your doctor.

Final words

Melanotan 2 is one of the medicines which are very popular all over the world for their successful tanning. You can get this medicine with the online pharmacy and take it after consulting with your doctor.