Melanotan 2 was in development as a drug for cure of female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. But the development was stopped in 2003. Since then the product containing melanotan were held back form the market. The commercial development had also ceased since then. But someone might wonder the reason of shutting melanotan’s market down. Therefore, below are the facts explaining why melanotan was found unworthy for the commercialization.

Our skin contains a natural dark pigment named melanin. Melanotan triggers the level of this hormone that causes tanning of our skin. Basically, There are two types of melanotan which are melanotan 1 and melanotan 2.

Melanotan was purposed to cure sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Also it was known for its feature of artificial skin tanning. But wait that was not the reason for shutting the development of melanotan 2. The one of the reason were its adverse effect that were caused to many people after its consumption. Among the scientist who were conduction research for the potential medicine, one of them tested the drug with the twice of the dose he was required to take and got straight 8 hours of erection. Also he was suffered with nausea and vomiting.

People in western countries are obsessed with tanning their skinning. This drug contain a pigment that absorbs the ultraviolet radiation of the sun that causes skin tanning. But unfortunately this had been a reason for skin cancer among most of the people by using this drug excessively. Along with the skin cancer the drug causes the feeling of bloating, kidney and liver pain.

The other reason of its illegality is that its has not been under a proper test process that are conducted on all medicine before they are commercialize among the common people like us. Also no one can expect what kind of side effects it will going to cause there is barely any evidence of test that clarifies its side effect.

Melatonin is complex to handle. If this drug is mixed melanotan with non-sterling water can cause serious blood infection and sharing the needle can cause diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

Our advice basis of reviews we have got to know by various people is that you should not use melanotan 2. It is being sold on various websites and through various illegal ways. But rather one should use fake tanning product as they contain DHA which causes tanning to some extent. But the fact is fake tanning product are not risk to health.