Having a tanned skin might not be preferred in Asian and eastern countries as a fair skin guy or girl is known to be beautiful. But tanned skin is a mark of beauty and gorgeousness in western country. Therefore they adopt various methods to get a gorgeous tanned skin. Also, here we are going to tell you some methods of getting your skin tanned.

Sun bath – Sun bath is the most common method people adopt for tanning. Sun rays contains ultraviolet rays which when reacts with the natural dark pigment melanin gives a dark shade to the skin.

Using tanning products – Well there are lot of products available in the market that will help you get the skin of your desire. Among these product the tanning creams and lotions can be applied to the skin in addition sunbath to increase skin tanning. Apart from these lotions, there are some drugs available in the market which are totally legal and clinically tested. But also there are some drugs that are not legal but still, they are sold over the internet and through various illegal ways. Melanotan is one of the drugs that has been banned since 2003 because of its adverse effects that can last for weeks.

Skin treatment – Skin treatment is an easy process that can help you get a nice tanned skin provided you follow the prescribed cautions. There are many skin doctors present with whom you can fix an appointment for the treatment. But on the other hand they can cause a serious effect on your budget as well.

Some unworthy ways of getting tanned

As you have read about the drug melanotan above, the drug is not legal in many countries as it have a lot more adverse effects. Some of the adverse effect are, vomiting, wrinkled face, reduced appetite and sharing the needle can cause serious diseases like HIV and Cancer too.


Therefore our advice to people adopt the natural ways of tanning if possible. Using lotions and creams is justified because they are not health risky. Skin treatment and surgery is beneficial but still they have risk to some extent. The use of injections and drugs that are legally available in the market should be done under proper prescription and guidance.

Since the commercialization of melanotan has been ceased 2003, one must not get into fake offers and schemes that claims to contain melanotan 2. Also, there is no product that has been sold or marketed containing melanotan 2.