Melantan and melanotan 2 is most popular, and it is dubbed by the Barbie drug and creates a wide stir in the tanning world. If you not heard about the medicine but the medicine has been in the circulation for little time now. Some of the people think that it enables to achieve a sunless tan which lowers the risk of the skin cancer by protection you from the ultraviolet rays.

As we know that UV rays are harmful to us, you will get the medicine from the internet because there are so many online pharmacy and salon users, from where you will get the medicine. The medicine increases the level of the pigmentation without exposing the UV rays.


When you take the doctor’s prescription of the medicine, then you should start with the dosage of the 0.25 mg. If you are not getting some serious side effects, then your doctor may increase the dosage of yours.

Side effects of using melanotan 2

  • Nausea

It is the first side effect of the medicine which you face in one week of taking medicine. Your doctor recommends the dosage from lower amount because he wants to know that your body adapts it or not.

They increase your dosage when your doctor knows that nausea is under control.

  • Fatigue

There are some people who are facing the fatigue after taking medicine. When they are taking the second dosage of the medicine, then they are feeling the tiredness that’s why doctor always recommends taking the lower dosage of the medicine.

When you are going to take sleep, then you must take medicine.

  • Aggressive

When a man is on the initial stage of the medicine, then some of them are facing more aggression as their side effects. It is the reason that to overcome from this side effect you should go to the gym and for a jog on a daily basis.

  • Vomiting

It is the most common side effects of taking melanotan 2 which you face, in this, you don’t need to worry about anything. Your body requires some time to adjust with the particular medicine. If you are facing it regularly, then you should contact your doctor.

Final words

Melanotan 2 is one of the medicines which are very popular all over the world for their successful tanning. You can get this medicine with the online pharmacy and take it after consulting with your doctor.